Stepping out of the Cannabis Closet and into your Legislators Office

By: Annie Payne Epley
Yes, you can believe it TEXAS is on course to bring forth more workable Cannabis laws. The problem is lack of education on a mass level which can be corrected. With many of our representatives basing their decisions on false, out dated information we have our work cut out for us!
Do you know someone who has a debilitating condition? How about social anxiety? Are you the caregiver of a loved one you wish you could do more for? On this day we have a decision to make. Will we stand up with the purest intent to change our freedoms to heal though means other than pharmaceuticals? I can tell you I am! It is time to come out of the “Cannabis Closet”! There are so many stories of children and their families who are begging for a way out, begging for a winning option! Soldiers who I have seen time and time again at the capital. Making it to any convention they can get into, pleading for a chance at the real American Dream, Freedom of Self!
If you are a Texan, you have a stand on one side or the other! What is to be done so you can be heard? What action can you take to be sure your local reps have your back? Well today is your lucky day! Thanks to a group of true pioneers in the industry, Texans for Responsible Marijuana Policy, we have a little inside on things we can do to assist our Lone Star State in cultivating more reasonable laws when it comes to Medical use.
Group Of Young People Stacking Their Hands
We must start with a very important question, who is your local rep.? How do you find him/her? Can you physically visit with them? Will they listen? At this point you may be stuck on knowing who represents you. Do not worry 60% of people do not know who represent them, I didn’t! We have provided a link for easily access Yes, you can visit with them, they want you to, they need you to! It may take a couple weeks to get in front of your rep, but necessary. They are all ears they want to hear your stories. They work for you! Encourage people you know to do the same and as often as possible before November 2018! We get this opportunity only every two years so be sure to be proactive in your pursuit for medical freedom.
We thought to take it a step further. We have provided a link to assist in helping you understand how a bill becomes law. It is very important to understand the process, as it is the key to success in getting the Bill to the floor in time. We want you to be empowered to make a difference on the ground level. What do you think this conversation looks like? I will tell you lit looks like human interaction, it looks like you talking to someone who NEEDS to hear from you and does not know it yet. Most bills never get a word from a constituent, that we can change. It is important to know who is making life decisions on your behalf and on behalf of your friends and family.
Education is power! We can do more to get what we want, it doesn’t have to look aggressive or confrontational. It is going to be tough and feelings will be hurt, but that’s ok because a little pain helps you to remember what you’re fighting for. Ignorance is a bad thing, not for the negativity of the word but for the void of what could be known! Together we can bring a voice that cannot be ignored.
To do just that we must have a hunger for correction, freedom, compassion and most of all LOVE.

Author: dfwacademy

DFW Academy of Cannabis Science is not just a medical cannabis school, we teach students to be Top Professionals in the industry!

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